Ypsilon Tower

Konkurrenceforslag til udsigtstårn i det nordlge Letland udført sammen med Marcus Vesterager Lind MAA.
- Kurgi Observation Tower


Udsigtstårn med boligenhed beliggende i UNESCO naturområde tæt på den estiske grænse.

"Inspired by the vertical Latvian Spruce and Pine forests, the tower is a 34 meter tall, slim, Y-shaped tower construction with six expanding levels (0 - 5) finishing off with a balcony and cabin ‘in the sky’. 

The visibility from the top level of the tower expands beyond a 30 km radius, with a maximum visibility towards south-west and south-east as a result of the landscape descending towards the south. Therefore the tower faces it’s main front towards south, with the two legs of the Y pointing s/w and s/e, and the rear sides looking towards sunrise and sunset."

Situation plan:

Latvian Spruce & Pine forest


A cabin & balcony in the sky

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