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A Reading Hall in Nordvest:

Project on 8th semester


winter/spring 2017


Facilities for immersion and focus in one of the urban voids,


The project investigates how the reading hall can be developed and interpreted as an independent program and typology, where introvert and shielded spaces can be apart of creating new atmospheric impressions and a particular form of quiet community as a place for studying.


The building component is inscribed in the area Nordvest (Copenhagen), which consists of various fields, structures and terrain vagues that leaves gap spaces and post-industrial traces. The area is any many ways exposed and stagnated with a need of creating new social and cultural dynamics.


This project seeks to serve as a meaningfull example of how we in the future can utilize and organize the left-over-landscapes and start a debate on which type of architecture that can be used in relation to those sensory impressions and 'spirit' which exists in the voids and terrain vagues, and which demands and needs the contemporary reading hall has to adjust to in its design and program.

Contextual & topological studies:


1. programs / functions

    fields / typologies

2. grid / rythms


    movements / structures

3. gaps / voids

    transitions / dynamics


Cartographic study of a reading hall - niches / openings / crossings

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