Motion House for Modern Dance

Project on 4th semester


spring/summer 2013

Design & program for a house for motion & modern dance, located in Nordvest, Copenhagen in an area with clusters of industry, culture and housing.

The house exposes and reveals the often more private quarters of dance practice and lessons, while providing both publice insight and a connection through the building.
Professional and amateur dancers share spaces and encounter along their daily use.

The building is heavy and raw, yet organic and in movement.


the site’s corners connect across the frame and fades out into several layers - new motions, connections, clashes and overlaps occurs.

A study of how modern dance and it's buildings have developed the last two centuries:

as contemporary dance have become more stripped of objects so have the buildings become smoother and more simple facade wise.

Section through rehearsal room, hallway, upper foyer & main hall.

Here the different programs and functions meet in visual contact.

Upper foyer facing the rehearsal rooms.

Hallway between rehearsal rooms & upper foyer.

Plan ground floor

Plan 1st floor



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